Our Services


The perfect blend of storytelling and promotion that maximizes your marketing goals. That’s why we work closely with our clients to craft custom video marketing strategies and videos that are perfectly balanced and drive results. Of course, the experience of crafting an effective video should also be enjoyable.


Manifest production is an animated video production company that has refined and perfected the art of visual storytelling through animation. We understand that the success of your video lies in great storytelling that’s embedded in creative script writing, artistic visuals, and animation that checks all the right boxes.

Music videos

As one of the top music video production companies in Ukraine, we work effortlessly to keep the standards of our music video productions high. We love to understand what our music artists’ brand and image are before we start their music video production. We’ve created music videos that have gone viral with little to no marketing budgets purely from the concept and visuals that intrigue viewers.

TV Show & Film

From line production budget to schedules – with you, we’re always upfront about cost details. Our producers love supporting our clients and helping them achieve campaigns that will actually move the needle.

Ukraine film fixers

Our range of services is curated according to personalized client needs: whatever you need, we’ll provide it. They include: quality broadcast from shooting days and scouting, logistical support, facilitating location permits, video production, dealing with customs/carnet, talent casting, rentals (lens camera and film equipment). We also offer accommodation transportation insurance and VAT reimbursement